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Quick description

 Fully automatic program-controlled sharpening .  Chamfer polishing machine performance: Grinding wheel can automatically track wear compensation and automatic dressing . Correction . Xiu Ping grinding wheel , to  ensure the accuracy of the product processing quality.  Grinding taper . Tilt . Adjustable length ,  with reciprocating automatic grinding function, so as to achieve a longer linear grinding taper.  Grinding products long .  Short adjustable , the  end can be done sharpened . Chamfer or polished to thorn processing ,  grinding wire diameter range .  Universal wide :  effective diameter 0.5mm ~ 12mm,  effective diameter length : 40mm ~ 350mm / 40mm ~ 650mm divided into two models. The device has a fully automatic safety precautions and automatic operation detection early warning .  Reported control system.


Function and scope of application: Applicable to all metal wire, such as iron .  Steel .  Stainless steel .  Copper .  Aluminum .  Gold .  Silver .  Titanium and other metal and non-metallic linear material of the grinding tip or end of the chamfering polishing. Products are widely used in aerospace .  Locomotive accessories, electronic appliances .  Electric axis .  Medical equipment .  Precision instruments, toys, stationery, furniture and other precision metal products industry. The equipment is simple to operate .  Stable .  Efficient, is a new era of professional new energy-saving equipment.

Fully automatic program-controlled grinding .  Chamfering polishing machine features:

  1. Tungsten steel chamfering machine / wire chamfering machine with high efficiencyHigh qualitySafety and energy savingStable operationsuitable material diameter.Wide range of wide;

  2. Feeding mechanism with independent variable speed ,  according to the corresponding processing of the material .  Wire diameter to adjust the grinding speed to achieve the best results grinding.

  3. Tungsten steel chamfering machine / wire chamfering machine feeding control is: single automatic operation like , to  facilitate the manual test sample, set the best automatic grinding data .

  4. Equipment transmission mechanism can adjust the grinding wheel height and according to grinding equipment grinding wheel wear ,  set the wheel automatic compensation value.

  5. Compact structure can be noted in the product grinding angle .  Inclination claim ,  automatically adjust the taper angle ,  the operation is simple.

  6. Tungsten steel chamfering machine / chamfering machine wire the operator low technical requirements (may implement multi-machine operation management), reduction processes, to save labor and so improve efficiency and reduce costs.

  7. According to the grinding process of grinding wheel wear can be set to automatically track the wheel to compensate and automatically trim .  Correction .  Trimming , to  ensure the best quality.

  8. The host motor automatically tighten, no need to adjust. Grinding and speed, grinding tip taper can be set according to product needs and has a reciprocating automatic grinding function.

  9. Tungsten steel chamfering machine / wire chamfering machine with total output quantitative ).  Daily output count and early warning Alarm equipment operation failure and security system and text display instructions.

10 . Full use of PLC program control ,  man-machine dialogue Chinese screen interface operating system.

11 Tungsten steel chamfering machine / wire chamfering machine to subvert the traditional similar equipment, with the original product to replace the revolutionary frontier.


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