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Diameter 0.2MM ~ 6.5MM, the shortest 3MM, the longest is not limited, for all types of metal wire and metal capillary products processing, plus or minus 0.1MM precision program control straight. High precision, straighten the efficiency of fast, stable performance, easy to operate. No twist, no after the cut. The incision is smooth, the surface is smooth and no scratch damage, cut length cut precision, feeding speed can be stepless according to different materials, reliable performance, high production efficiency. Widely used: the electronics industry, medical equipment. Electrical equipment. Iron. Kitchen bath and other precision accessories and pendant. 1 person can control multiple devices, no professional and technical personnel. Can be achieved unattended. 
1, the whole process using PLC program, the Chinese interface screen instructions, automatic feeding, automatic straightening, automatic cut off, automatic blanking, incision flat burr. 
2. The device has three kinds of cut-offs like: The 
use of the principle of cam, a U-shaped cut off the way. Second, with the cut-off cut off the way. Shaft cutting method (for short material cut off) 
4. The device has a number of safety precautions Detection of electronic control facilities and alarm / warning lights at the same time the Chinese screen display function to ensure that the operation of personnel safety and equipment stability and product qualification rate. 
5, simple operation, easy to use safe, easy to learn and understand that will use; no professionals. Can be unattended. 
6, regardless of the size of the reel (1-600 kg) can be a one-time two-way adjustment is completed, will not cause after the break, twist twist. 
7, dry low, according to the material stepless speed regulation straight cut off; compact structure, smooth operation, easy maintenance. 
8, versatility, wire diameter Model: 0.2-1.5 / 1.5-3.5 / 3.5-6.5MM each type only need to replace the corresponding straightening accessories. 
9, the equipment a comprehensive steel structure, the surface of the chrome plating. Table gold roasted qi treatment, the use of more secure, more at ease. 
10, the device is small, small footprint, easy disassembly. 
11. The device to subvert the traditional similar equipment, with the original product to replace the revolutionary frontier.

The invention discloses an automatic straightening machine, which comprises an automatic feeding frame and a main frame, and a wire introducing wheel, an oil pot and a coding mechanism are arranged in succession on the side of the main frame and the automatic feeding frame, The middle of which is provided with a first straightening cylinder and a second straightening cylinder connected between the encoder seat and the first straightening cylinder, and the first straightening cylinder is provided at the rear end of the second straightening cylinder And a second punching mechanism is arranged on the rear side of the second press line mechanism, and the cutter mechanism is connected with a cutter frame, the first straightening cylinder and the second straightening cylinder are connected with a forking mechanism, The first straightening cylinder, the second straightening cylinder, the first pressure regulating mechanism and the second crimping mechanism are controlled by the three-phase asynchronous The motor provides drive power. The incision of the invention is more smooth, the cutting precision is higher, the equipment is unattended, the waste of the wire is reduced and the time is saved.


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