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Automatic straightening machine
Simple description
Fully automatic program controlled precision straightening:
Fully automatic program controlled precision straightening. The cutting machine is suitable for wide range of line diameter and good versatility. 0.1mm~6.5mm,
Cutting section of the shortest 3mm, the longest is not limited.
Suitable for all kinds of metal wire rod and capillary (Kong Xin) pipeline material such as: iron, steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, gold, silver, titanium, molybdenum
And so on all kinds of wire precision program control straightening.
High accuracy, positive and negative 0.1mm, direct speed, stable performance, easy to operate.
In the working state, the wire does not distort. No break. The incision is smooth, the surface is smooth without scratching damage phenomenon.
The fixed length cutting is more accurate, the straightening speed can be adjusted continuously according to the toughness of the wire material, and the automatic tracking and straightening speed can be adjusted automatically.
The equipment has a fully automatic safety protection and automatic operation stable detection and early warning, alarm system and text display.
The utility model is a novel energy-saving device with simple operation, high stability and high efficiency.
Widely used in: aerospace. Motorcycle accessories, electronic appliances. Electric shaft core. Medical equipment. Precision instruments, lighting, iron, toys, stationery, furniture and other precision metal parts and accessories.
Jin Wu Hongye
Straightening machine
Copper wire straightening
Wire straightening machine
Straightening machine parameters
Fully automatic program controlled precision straightening:
1 in the operation of the equipment, the automatic tracking of the straightening loss of wear and tear to do automatic compensation, so as to achieve consistent product
High quality, high efficiency.
2 wire straightening machine has a number of security detection and control system facilities and early warning / alarm function
Deictic function. To ensure the stability of operators and equipment and the product qualification rate.
3 with cutting section of the two cutting methods:
A.U on the cutting way for straightening and cutting line;
Two. Coaxial holding cutting method, the application of straight straight line cutting.
4 adjust the broken wire machine throughout the use of PLC digital control, the Chinese display screen interface instructions, automatic feeding,
Automatic straightening, automatic cutting, automatic blanking, incision smooth without burr.
5 simple operation, safe and convenient to use, easy to learn and easy to understand that will be used, the technical requirements of the operator is low
(1 people can achieve multi machine operation management).
6 straight wire broken wire machine size (1~600 kg) can be a two-way two-way straightening, no break, no spring like twist.
7 dry sound low, according to the line material toughness stepless speed regulation, straight cut section,
Smooth operation, easy maintenance.
8 general purpose linear adaptation: 0.1mm~1.5mm/1.0mm~3.5mm/3.0mm~6.5mm.
9 adjust the broken wire machine using a comprehensive steel structure, small size.
The company's production of straightening cutting machine specifically for precision wire processing,
Diameter 0.1-6.0 can be adjusted straight cut (must be round wire), does not hurt the surface.
Dongguan Jin Wu Hongye specializing in the production of precision straightening cutting machine and milling machine,
Customers are welcome to telephone consultation, Mr. Huang: 15817727670, WeChat with the number, add me please note, thank you!

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